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Pammi Babbra


Pammi is a solicitor of the firm specialising in contentious matters with an emphasis on High Court commercial disputes. These can involve other jurisdictions, satellite proceedings in foreign courts and foreign enforcement and enforcement of foreign judgements and awards.

Contract Disputes

Pammi has practised in the City for over fifteen years during which she has perused and defended a wide range of complex contract disputes, high value breaches, liabilities in the supply chain and related Part 20 claims, allegations of misrepresentations in respect of the origins of art, apportioning liability in cross-border matters including transportation and distribution, bailment, agency and reseller agreements, import/export regulation and matters involving the Export Control Joint Unit, European and international conventions, Border force and confiscation. She also works on domestic and cross border arbitrations, intellectual property and trademark disputes including issues connected with international licensing.

Commercial Fraud & Regulation

Pammi has also led claims involving allegations of conspiracy, misconduct, deceit and misappropriation requiring injunctive relief, enforcement in tax efficient jurisdictions and committal proceedings. She has been involved in investigations of fallen hedge funds and advising on other regulatory matters and banking matters

More generally, she has worked on matters including breaches of fiduciary duty and other professional liabilities including solicitor, accountant, independent financial advisor, building disputes and has handled corporate disputes involving partnerships, shareholder and insolvency.

Pammi is an active member of law firm alliances around the world and a secretary on one such panel and enjoys providing an education at seminars and these events.

Pammi’s notable cases include:

Gill & Others v Darroch & Others [2010] EWHC 2347 (Ch) – the High Court considered the effect of the service of a penal notice in an Order for a worldwide freezing injunction.

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