Family Law

When a relationship breaks down, it can have a highly detrimental effect upon those involved, both on an emotional and financial level. Being overwhelmed, amongst other uncomfortable feelings, is an understandable response for those going through such matters.

At Bower Cotton Hamilton, we understand the delicate nature of these situations and take extra care to provide a service that ensures that those we represent know that we are present at every stage of the process. In every matter, we try to resolve issues without the use of formal court proceedings as this allows a greater opportunity for more peaceful resolutions. In cases where litigation is however inevitable, we are confident that our approach will bring about the best outcome possible for each matter we are involved in.

Our Family law team have excellent experience in handling Divorce, Child Arrangements, Cohabitation, Financial Settlements and Pre/Post Nuptial Agreements.

In relation to all matters concerning children, we ensure the child’s welfare and best interests is at the forefront of all negotiations and discussions between family members aiming to make sure that their needs and feelings are valued and protected.

To assess whether we are the right match, we offer a free consultation to discuss the client’s concerns on all matters.




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