Employment law is complex area and is subject to frequent amendment.  We pride ourselves on keeping up-to-date with the ever-changing nature of employment law on and on offering high-quality, pragmatic, and cost-effective advice.

Workplace disputes can often be damaging for all concerned and have a serious and wide reaching impact on the smooth running of any organisation.  Often, steps can be taken to address any employment dispute early provided that adequate policies and procedures have been implemented.  Our approach is to recognise that no two cases are the same and to apply our expertise and experience accordingly.

Bower Cotton Hamilton advises its clients on matters such as ongoing HR issues, anticipating or defending Tribunal claims and the drafting, consultation and implementation of company-wide policies and employment contracts for all levels of employee.

We also advise employees with workplace disputes ranging including unfair or wrongful dismissal and discrimination claims.

For whomever we act, we strive to resolve disputes as quickly as possible in the best interests of our client. We aim to negotiate a strong settlement position for our clients at the earliest possible opportunity to avoid long and drawn out procedures.

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